Publication Date: June 2019 by Ellipsis Press
Winner of 2019 Big Other Fiction Award
One of Entropy’s 2019 Best Fiction Books
AVAILABLE at Amazon and Small Press Distribution

In the near future, when an epidemic of cyberfatigue has triggered a
technocracy collapse, an orphaned cloud narrates the quest of Yang as
he visits each of the harbingers of happiness.

[R]eads like a theory-infused dream from the Coleridgean pleasure dome.
Language-drunk and story-simple, this novella is science fiction in the same way Finnegans Wake is sometimes called folklore… Lee’s story is not about the journey; rather, it’s about the vast intricacy
of human denotation, connotation, and dependency that language can depict but never capture.
Lee releases the reader from the tyranny of narrative cause and effect, with exhilarating results.
                                                                    ~ Starred Review, Publishers Weekly

Karen An-hwei Lee is brilliant. A writer who can hear the present, who is
generous enough to give the present a forum to speak, and who knows
that a narrative, a narrator, is never what it seems.
                                                                   ~ Harold Abramowitz

Lee’s writing dazzlingly illuminates the inner life of data, the “maze of
transparencies” in which we are enmeshed. The cloud asks, “…does a
cloudfree formula for happiness exist?” This is a polyglot guide to
existential collapse, a multivalent antiserum for the promises of
technological progress. We need this book.
                                                                       ~ Evelyn Hampton

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