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Praise for Doubled Radiance: Poetry & Prose of Li Qingzhao

“Karen An-hwei Lee renders the work of the Song dynasty poet and writer Li Qingzhao with a startling clarity.  The words of China’s most famous female poet are read with a remarkable beauty and sharpness.  This is the adept hand of a translator who both admires the work of her subject and is herself possessed of a singular awareness of the nuances of both languages.  The work of Li Qingzhao sings anew in Lee’s translation.”

~ Afaa Michael Weaver, 尉雅風, author of Spirit Boxing

“Li Qingzhao is probably the most important woman poet in Chinese literary history.  Her stature is indisputable, and she deserves ample praise and recognition and to be in the same high tier as that of the more famous male poets of the Tang and Song dynasties, which includes the likes of Li Bai, Wang Wei, and Du Fu.  This book of new translations by Karen An-hwei Lee has the clarity, quality, and thoroughness that will help glorify Li Qingzhao’s name.  The volume is successful in capturing the beauty, grace and wit of the original.”

~ Marilyn Chin, author of Hard Love Province

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