peace * hour

This weekend, with a team of wonderful students from my university, I will participate in the 5k walk-a-thon, “Making Strides against Breast Cancer.”  The students organized a poetry writing event and a prayer night on the theme of healing journeys & spread the word themselves… such beautiful labors of the heart.  


Gifts I’ve received from students over a decade of teaching:  chocolates, baked goodies, a giant pomegranate, red fish gummy-things, one grapefruit, three sunflowers, lavender bubble bath, floral writing notebooks, poetry collections, letters, cards, postcards, many hugs, bouquets of random flowers, and most of all, the realization of their dreams & successes.  Now their enthusiastic participation in “Making Strides” is one more gift! 


Afterward, at home where no one can see or hear my, er, novice technique, I will play my cherrywood harp in honor of International Peace Hour, sponsored by Harpists for Peace.


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