karen * tei * yamashita


Update on Los Angeles adventures… If you plan to attend the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in late April, I’ll be reading from my latest works, with gratitude to Elena and Ann for organizing the Poetry Stage at this annual event. 

A partial list of L.A. Times Festival of Books appears below from the “L” section of their line-up.  There will be an appearance by the adorable celebrity puppet, “Lamb Chop!!”   

Jessica Hagedorn, Karen Tei Yamashita, Elena Karina Byrne, and Yiyun Li will participate, too, as will my new poet-friend Teresa Chuc (representing New Poets of the American West) and actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who writes children’s books.   

I’ll also read & lecture at California State University, Fullerton on Thursday, April 28 as a featured speaker for National Poetry Month and Asian Pacific Heritage Month.  Many thanks to Jie & her colleagues for organizing the event – so efficient, courteous & poetry-friendly!

Prayer:  Gratitude for open doors to share….what?  Love?  “Connectedness?”  Community?  A listening heart or hearts?  Dialogue?

All of the above, I s’pose, and more…….

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