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Los Angeles adventures continue at this week’s MLA Convention, where I’ll preside & present on the session, “Transnational Feminist Spaces.”

Our brilliant panelists are Josephine Park, author of Apparitions of Asia (Oxford U. Press) and Director of Asian American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania; erin Khuê Ninh, author of Ingratitude: The Debt-Bound Daughter (NYU Press) and a professor at University of California, Santa Barbara; see my August interview with Professor Ninh here.

Our respondent is the splendid poet Sandra Lim, author of the award-winning Lovelist Grotesque (Kore Press) and a professor at the University of Massachusetts.  Professor Lim reads on the audio poetry CD, Autumnal: A Collection of Elegies.

On a special excursion to the Huntington Library, fifty of us will go behind the scenes to learn about digital preservation &  material book culture.  Prior to university teaching, I worked part-time in archives & special collections, so book preservation – in any shape, spirit, or form – fascinates me.   Many thanks to the MLA for arranging this!



On Saturday, January 22, I’ll read with Amy Uyematsu (amazing poet-mathematician!) and poets of Indivisible: Anthology of South Asian American Poetry at the Japanese National Museum in Los Angeles.  Thanks to Pireeni Sundaralingam for coordinating this event!


Prayer:  Heartfelt gratitude to poet-friends who share their time, love & vision freely & with marvelous grace.  This world is a brighter ‘scape!

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