melusine * woman

Here are two new poems at Melusine: Woman of the 21st Century, edited by Janelle Elyse Kihlstrom.  Melusine is “an on-line journal of literature and art by women (but not only women) about women (and just about everything else).”  I love the artwork in this issue.

Deep Sea Dolls

Deep Sea Dolls by Lindsey Bucklew


This past Saturday, I  had the pleasure of sharing poetry with a warm-hearted audience who emerged on a rainy afternoon in San Diego.  Sandra Alcosser, Teresa Chuc, Craig Cotter, Seretta Martin, and I read from Lowell Jaeger’s anthology.  Many of Sandra’s M.F.A. students attended the reading & volunteered to read aloud poems from the anthology, too.


Prayer: For students… who are our future, as Terry Tempest Williams says.


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