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Poetry Magazine: November 2010

Larry Bradley · Billy Collins · Brooklyn Copeland · Jeramy Dodds · Miriam Bird Greenberg · Donald Hall · Nate Klug · Lance Larsen · Karen An-hwei Lee · Giacomo Leopardi · Rebecca Lindenberg · Dora Malech · Wesley McNair · Joshua Mehigan · Samuel Menashe · Christopher Shannon · Alan Shapiro · Derek Sheffield · Brian Swann · D. H. Tracy · David Yezzi

…and this is me:  Poetry audio cast.

One thought on “poetry * foundation

  1. i loved your podcast on the poetry foundation website. Our daughter-in-law is from Taiwan and has given us two beautiful kids with another on the way. I just read The Shambhala Anthology of Chinese Poetry by J.P. Seaton. and wrote this:

    Chinese Poets
    Flood each poem
    with moonlight,
    Touch each line with
    Season each word with
    a hint of sadness.
    Their subjects the usual suspects
    rounded up by a press gang,
    or seduced by an irresistible beauty.
    Cool as a mountain stream in April,
    Or hot as the Gobi in July.
    Sometimes intoxicated,
    Sometimes intoxicating,
    Always forthright
    Always Craftsmen and Calligraphers
    Who make you want more of their
    Spirit made words.

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