muchas * gracias

Appreciations:  To the textured passion of Cyrus, the stunning reflections on fanaticism by Dorothy, the lyric intricacies of sea creatures by Kelli, to the generosity of Ira who came all the way from Tampa, to the cupcake-loving wordslingers from Moorpark College, to a smiling woman with a paper parasol who mentioned she heard me read in Denver this past year, and especially to dear Elena Karina for sharing her love of poetry & community by bringing us together this Sunday. 

Muchas gracias to you all & congratulations on surviving a 97-degree heat wave in Hollywood!  Whew.


Whenever you cool down, here is a recipe for Spanish hot chocolate con churros.  You make the churros yourself, then dunk ’em in a hot chocolate dip (which you could also sip like thick cocoa, if you wish).

Book about chocolate.

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