summer * leaf


This morning, I will bake dark chocolate cupcakes and bring them to my neighborhood car mechanic.  There’s nothing wrong with my car ~ I’d like to practice conversational Spanish a little bit and pick up new vocabulary words (esp. about cars).  I do this once in a while. 


Lily Hoang reviews Anne Carson’s newest book in five years, NOX: a “book in a box” tribute to her brother who lived in Copenhagen and passed away in 2000.    

In Memoriam: Leslie Scalapino, whose aeolotropic series that they were at the beach I first read in Rosmarie Waldrop’s seminar on “The Fragment.” I was delighted to meet Leslie, along with her husband Tom, at the Holloway Series in Berkeley. 


I remember Tom ~ congenial with an easy laugh & good sense of humor; Leslie ~ we shared a “rocket salad” at a little bistro, and her expressive brown eyes reminded me of Emily Dickinson’s eyes, the drop of sherry in a glass. 


She attended one of my readings in Wheeler Hall, as well, one where I read from a behemoth thesis manuscript (I bound my copy with pink covers and put it in the closet), and encouraged me with her good words. 


I admire writers like Leslie Scalapino who are absolutely brilliant yet still connected to their hearts & whole selves, and to the hopes of young writers.  She is dearly missed. 

AWP received 981 event proposals for our 2011 Conference & Bookfair in Washington, D.C. This is the most proposals we’ve ever received.

I love adding items to my prayer list (inludes healing list & praises) with green ink.  (Blue ink okay, too, if no green ink is available.)  It’s a good day when you can move several items from the prayer/healing lists to the praises section.


The eucalyptus tree in front of my window, which was trimmed two weeks ago, is starting to lose its leaves prematurely…. please add to prayer list.

postscript prayer:  eucalyptus tree

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