wish * ruego

Things I’d like to learn someday…

*how to choreograph a modern dance
*how to shoot a film short
*how to forgive with joy, no strings attached
*how to communicate in American Sign Language
*how to love courageously & fearlessly
*how to grieve properly without lasting bitterness
*how to be a healer in the lives of loved ones & strangers

Lately, I’m reading a new book, Finding Beauty in a Broken World,  by Terry Tempest Williams, a mosaic written in lovely “tesserae.”  Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Williams share from new – unpublished – writings in Denver, Colorado.  Ms. Williams recently embarked on a fresh healing journey.

After the reading, she told me two things which deeply touched my heart:  (1) Santa Ana is beautiful, and (2) she always wanted to be a poet.


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