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Praise for Ardor
Nominated for the James Laughlin Award, Academy of American Poets 

“In Ardor, there is a recurrent I or a she who is a blind woman, and this is ironic, given the concern with ophthalmic texts; as well, Lee’s work is so full of such deep and luscious color: terra cottas, walnuts, cabernets, coral violets, blue raspberries, peach colored roses, azalea, and human heart as pomegranate or pomegranate as human heart. But we can also experience the beauty of these intensely, using our other senses.”

~ Barbara Jane Reyes

“A sustained and luscious book length poem by a poet new to me, and with whom I am now enthralled. Ardor is fleshy, personal and universal, full of breath and language so beautiful that it bewilders the reader with a deep wonder for life.”

~ Goodreads



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